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Design Trends For 2020

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Since we have spent some time at home for most of 2020, you begin to evaluate your space and consider revamping your current designs for trendier options. Valleyview Bowmanville is a unique community that reflects a sort of country-chic. It is luxurious yet homey, traditional yet elegant. Bringing you the perfect blend of contemporary sophistication - this is what 2020 is all about. Combining two distinctive styles to produce extraordinary results.

This year change it up a bit by taking timeless looks and adding a dazzle of personal style. Here are 3 interior design trends for your home.

  1. Velvet Variety:

    A daring trend is including velvet accents into your home. This retro-chic trend is up and coming as not many people will make it their first choice, but in 2020, this style will perfectly blend luxury and comfort. Velvet adds a vibrant touch; whether it’s a couch, throw pillows, or carpet, it will make an eye-catching difference.

  2. Neutrals Redefined:

    The simplicity of neutral tones can go a long way when it comes to sprucing up your home space. The benefits are being able to coordinate with any colour decor, art pieces, or cabinetry. Light colours are a great option for smaller rooms as it opens up space, making it seem larger, especially in areas such as the bathroom, laundry room, or den. In 2020, a popular trend is to complement lighter tones with bold accents. For example, in the kitchen, if you were to paint the walls and floors either beige or taupe and then your appliances dark browns, black or grey.

  3. The Perfect Pattern:

    Dare to be different with a patterned backsplash or accent wall. Geometric patterns are an ongoing trend that will never go out of style if it is done right. This year, the secret is finding a balance. You do not want to overdo it by having every wall covered in shapes. It will close off the room and appear scattered. The more subtle the pattern, the better! Choose a classic or contemporary pattern that seems more natural but will leave an impression on your guests.

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